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What Does DM Mean | DM Definition | Meaning Of DM

What does DM mean?

DM simple mean”Direct messages. So did you wonder What does DM mean? The acronym DM mean “Direct Message” This is one of the most popular slangs widely used on social network website like on Facebook and Twitter. Direct message mainly used while two people messaging each other. It is also very popular social #tag on social network website Facebook and Twitter. By using this slangs they are asking that individual person to direct message them up when they are doing a discussion or are making an arrangement. Like, if someone messages to their friend and let them know that they will be at home soon, then their friend may reply with ‘ ok DM’. Mean they ask that individual person to direct message them when he reached home. So that they can make hangout or arrangements.


What does DM stand for?

At present Social networking and instant messaging dominating the world wide communication system. Peoples are now relying on social site or messaging application to do communication with each other. Men and women’s now like to chat with good friends, household and loved just one and they are used a great number of slangs and abbreviations daily. Every day new generation comes up with new slangs, so it’s become challenging to keep up with all new slangs and Acronym. You could have seen it on Twitter, Facebook or any other social site that the new slangs “Dm” are widely used by the teenager. Today in this article, I will try to clear What Does DM Mean?

Some uses and explanation of DM

DM slangs is widely popular and mostly used by the young generation. But sometimes it can be quite confusing for someone who is not familiar with this type of slangs language.  Now I will try to explain with some examples of uses and meaning of DM. In most cases, DM or direct message is used to requesting someone to direct message him/her later. For instance, ‘DM when you’re free for hangout’ would mean ‘text me or direct message me when you’re free for hangout’.

DM uses example 1:

DM or direct message is used mostly on Social network website like Facebook. DM is additionally commonly used as a part of when two individuals are sending instant messages to communicate each other.

Person A: I’ll be back to home in November.

Person B: Ok, DM me when you back.

Person A: Sure! DM me when you’re all going to hang out.

Person B: Ok, Sure.

In this above conversation, Person A is talking to with Person B. Person B asking to Person A for a direct message to person A when he comes back to home. So that they can do the hangout.

DM uses Example 2:

Hey, I’m feeling alone, DM.

In the above sentence, DM or direct message is used for to asking someone for an invitation to do something with him/her.

The whole sentence may be interpreted as: I have nothing to do now and feeling bored, so let’s do something together. And if you free to do something then DM or direct message me.

DM uses Example 4:

Hey, I’ve got free concert tickets to the concert, DM.

In this sentence above, The man’s got free concert tickets and anyone interested who see this message may DM or direct message him to get free concert ticket from him. This type of DM slangs uses can be found on the Facebook group.

Acronym DM History

Direct message or DMs basically used to mean that person to get in touch with me. Like, Sohan DM me every day for my car. Means Sohan message me every day to get my car for a ride with his girlfriend.

Acronym DM spelling

DM can be spelled in all lowercase like as “ dm”. Both uppercase version and lowercase version mean the same thing ‘ direct message’. You are most welcome to use either uppercase or lowercase letter any version you like. No need to worry about, The DM expression is simple like many other Internet expressions, is a part of online conversation culture nothing special.


Facebook, We all know that Facebook is one of the most used and popular social network websites. Also, facebook messenger has widely used the messaging application on this planet. So what does DM mean on facebookWhile peoples are using Facebook or its instant messaging application then sometimes its difficult to write the whole sentence that why the use or slangs like DM or lol or HMM and much more widely used to solve the situation. As you already know DM stands for direct message. Peoples are used DM on facebook while they do chatting with his/her friends using messenger application.

DM uses examples on Facebook:

Facebook is used by millions of people to connect with each other. They are chatting using Facebook apps, share their status using facebook post or group post on Facebook. So basically they are used hundred of slangs language during their conversation on facebook. Direct message or DM is also widely used on Facebook. Here I will try to give a real-life uses example of slangs DM on facebook.

Zaman: Hey Nabila, How are you?

Nabila: I’m fine. Yesterday my father has gifted me a Phone. But bad luck is the phone screen just broke today.

Zaman: How’s that happen?

Nabila:  My younger sister falls the phone down from the table.

Zaman: oh! DM me when you want to go for replacing the phone screen.

What Does DM Means On Instagram?

Instagram is number one image sharing based social network media website on earth. Million of people’s are using this every day. Also, so many acronyms or slangs language they are using on Instagram. This social network basically widely used by younger people. So what does DM means on Instagram? It’s simply mean ‘direct message’ on Instagram. Check out what does hmu mean?

DM uses example on Instagram:

As you already know what does DM mean on Instagram. Let’s see some example conversation using the slangs DM.

Alexis: How was the circus show?

Korim: awesome! Actually like this very much. Basically, the dress of Joker is much funny.

Alexis: I want to buy that dress. DM me if you see this type dress in any shop.

What Does DM Means In Texting?

Basically, the slangs language DM is used for talking to each other using Facebook, Instagram or any other text messaging software. This acronym DM going to be more popular day by day. Another one of most popular slangs is HMU. So what does HMU mean? It’s simply mean ‘ Hit Me Up’.

DM uses example in Texting:

Here I will try to give here some real-life example uses of slangs DM. Read this below conversation to know more about what does DM stand for in texting.

Atikur: Hello Roshani, How are you?

Roshani: I’m fine.  What about you?

Atikur: I’m fine also. We are thinking to do a hangout tomorrow.

Roshani: DM me when you are ready.

 What does DM mean on Twitter?

As you may know that Twitter is most popular short message based social networking website on planet. Many peoples are using slangs language to do tweet or comment on twitter. One of the most popular features of Twitter is you can open conversation with anyone on Twitter by replying to a tweet or putting the twitter @username in front of your tweets. But DMs are often used for conversations that you can use to do conversation or send direct message.

Some possible meaning of “DM”

1. Dungeon Master

2. Doctor of Medicine

3. Dm-drogerie market

4. Direct Message

5. Direct marketing

6. Diabetes Mellitus (disease)

7. Deutsche Mark

8. Desired Menu

9. Designated Marksman

10. Design Mug

11. Design Medal

12. Defensive Midfielder

13. Decimeter

14. Death match

There are unlimited examples possible to give like the one above about the Slangs DMs. But DM simple means direct message. You can check this video below to get clear your confusion again: